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New expert in our Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce that our partner VUC Storstrøm has confirmed its Advisory Board member.

We would like to give a friendly greeting to Karsten Kjær:

As an experienced entrepreneur and digital innovator, Karsten has been deeply involved in the technology industry since 2010. His career in this field gained momentum when he founded a digital startup, which he subsequently sold in 2017. This sale marked the beginning of a new journey where he has explored and capitalized on the myriad opportunities that technology offers.

His passion for technology extends beyond business and encompasses an interest in improving people's lives. This has led him to work in health technology with a focus on prevention. He believes that technology plays a crucial role in enhancing people's overall health, particularly in the Western world.

Before entering the world of technology, he had an exciting career in the transportation industry, where he served as CEO of one of Denmark's largest transport companies. His early experience in leading large organizations and navigating complex industries has been invaluable to his understanding of scaling businesses and implementing innovative solutions.

As a member of the Advisory Board for the development of an AI platform for conflict resolution training, he sees a unique opportunity to combine his passion for technology, his entrepreneurial experience, and his leadership background. He is convinced that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn and develop skills, and he looks forward to contributing his insights and expertise to shape this exciting innovation.

Thank you Karsten for your participation in the project!

We are eager to collaborate with you and hope that your broad experience and enthusiasm for technological innovation will guide us in the development of ROLEPL-AI.

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