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Meeting in Nykøbing: Recap

The ROLEPL-AI project meeting convened in Nykøbing, Denmark, on April 23rd and 24th, assembled all partners for a very productive collaboration. The meeting focused on advancing the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into educational settings. Here's a recap of the key discussions and decisions made during the event:

Deliverable Presentations

Attendees discussed and presented various deliverables, addressing topics such as the integration of emotional cues into AI avatars and the challenges of incorporating sentiment analysis. Limitations were acknowledged, prompting collaborative efforts to enhance the effectiveness of AI-driven simulations.

Selecting the AI Model

The group deliberated on the selection of the AI model for the project, considering both Qwen and the recently introduced Llama 3 by Meta. It was decided to evaluate Llama 3 further before making a final decision to ensure alignment with project objectives.

Pedagogical Scenarios

Participants engaged in defining pedagogical scenarios, particularly focusing on assessing soft skills and conflict management. They aimed to strike a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application, leveraging AI for feedback and evaluation.

Preparing for Piloting

Logistical considerations for the first pilot in November were addressed, including participant selection and module delineation. Real-life scenarios were emphasized to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Crafting the User Journey

The first steps of the user journey were meticulously crafted, from delineating user personas to simulating conflict scenarios. A first iteration of the simulation's setting, a job fair, was shared with the partners to initiate discussions about the interface.

As the meeting concluded, participants reflected on the progress made and looked forward to future milestones. Collaboration and innovation were highlighted as crucial drivers in shaping the future of AI-powered education.

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