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Remote soft skills training with AI-based simulation in Teemew’s metaverse  for Vocational Education and Training in Tourism


An experimentation analysis will be conducted to define guidelines and requirements of AI use in education. The objective is to reduce friction in the use of new technologies in education while raising awareness of the reasoned use of AI.

The ROLEPL-AI project aims at conceiving and testing an integrated set of tools based on immersive technology, Artificial Intelligence and pedagogical practice, for the benefit of Tourism VET.

3D model of a woman's head
A human head and a machine head
Handshake between a person wearing a VR headset and their digital twin
A robot hand holding the initials for artificial intelligence
What we do

The goal is to train soft skills remotely, by pushing the practice through the implementation of AI-based simulation, as well as the use of an immersive environment, the virtual campus, to host this exchange.

Work programme

Work program
Erasmus+ project ROLEPL-AI background
Erasmus+ project ROLEPL-AI Work Programme


Erasmus+ project ROLEPL-AI coordinator logo Manzalab

Manzalab is a French SME

dedicated to the development of immersive experiences for training and communication.

Erasmus+ project ROLEPL-AI partner logo Manzavision

Inceptive is an Artificial Intelligence consulting and engineering company, offering a proprietary chatbot
creation platform.

Erasmus+ project ROLEPL-AI partner logo Inceptive

Subsidiary of Manzalab Group, Manzavision specialises in extended reality technologies
(XR), including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

VUC Storstrøm is an education center for youth and adults, providing basic skills training and several programs for learners with special needs.

Erasmus+ project ROLEPL-AI partner logo VUC

Fachhochschule Dresden

is a German state approved University holding a Tourism and event management specialised program.

Erasmus+ project ROLEPL-AI partner logo FHD
Digital interactive tools

Immersive environment


A virtual campus for the implementation of AI-based simulation 



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